Top Cheap Laptops for Your Kids

stanford-binet-kids-laptopWhen it comes to choosing the right laptop for your kids, a lot of thought needs to go into the decision because there are so many products that are available. However, if you make the wrong choice you may find yourself spending money on something that you simply have to turn around and replace shortly thereafter. Some laptops are more sturdily constructed than others and some are simply better able to handle specific needs than others. As a result, your first step should be to consider what you need to purchase a laptop for in the first place and then find a product that can be utilized to work well based on those specific needs. Only then can you be certain that you are making the right choice and that you are getting the best product for your money. Below are four of the top cheap laptops for your kids. These are the machines that can get the job done without costing you a fortune in the process.

HP Pavilion x360hp-pavilion-x360

This is a laptop that is reasonably priced at approximately $400. The great thing about it is that it can be used as a laptop or a tablet and as such, it incorporates a touch screen. It also has enough memory to handle virtually anything that your kids need, whether they are just starting out on computers or you have an older child that does a lot of studying. Its only drawback is that the battery has a tendency to last for only a few hours at a time. Overall, it is a basic computer that can perform the basic functions associated with word processing and connecting to the Internet

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ASUS Transformer Book61tcsS9WqwL

This is probably one of the best values available for the price. It is also priced at approximately $400 but it comes with a battery that can last for 10 hours and it is preloaded with all the basic software needed for studying and writing reports. It is an excellent fit for students of all ages and it is preloaded with Windows 8, so it is basically ready to go when it is unloaded from the box. In addition, it is a sturdy computer that should be able to last for several years without any major issues.

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Lenovo Ideapad 581

This is a computer that has a good processor and a lot of memory that is also preloaded with Windows software. It incorporates a touch screen and it is exceptionally sturdy. However, it is priced in the upper echelons of what could potentially be considered a cheap laptop, as it costs more than $500. While that is still more than a fair price for a good laptop, some parents may not be willing to spend more than a few hundred dollars on a computer for their children because they are fearful that it will somehow be damaged and they will find themselves having to buy another one.

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Dell Chromebook 11

For anyone that needs a computer that is simply used to connect to the Internet and do online research using Google Chrome, this is an excellent choice. It offers ideal connectivity to the Internet and it is very inexpensive at approximately $200. However, it must be pointed out that it is not compatible with Windows so anyone that wants to use anything except Google Chrome will probably not want to purchase the system. Having said that, for those that use Google Chrome almost exclusively, it is an excellent device that can get the job done quite well.

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Top 3 Cheap Gaming Laptops

dragon_age_inquisitionSo many people are fooled by the blue LEDs and neons on laptops from companies such as Alienware. They believe that because a machine looks powerful and expensive, it must be incredibly powerful, usually in reflection to their extreme prices. This isn’t true at all. At the end of the day, what’s inside is all that matters, and there are many extremely capable cheap laptops available on the market today that will most applications that you throw at them. They may not glow in different colours or have 20 different chunky vents in the side, but all the important parts that make a laptop perform well are there inside. Here are a selection of the best budget laptops for gaming, from ultra-budget to mid-range.

Ultra-budget gaming: HP Envy 15z-J100406912-hp-envy-touchsmart-15t-j100-quad-edition

You can’t deny the quality of HP laptops. We are all familiar with their products, and when buying on a budget it may not occur to us that they have some excellent cheap and quality products. The Envy 15z-J100 can be configured through their website to have pretty much anything you want on it. For gaming though, you can get these built with some incredible parts for very little outlay. You want the version with the AMD A8 quad-core processor, a 2GB AMD HD8750M and 6GB of ram. The processor is a very fast quad core, which makes everything from browsing to running a Minecraft server silky smooth. That graphics card, the AMD HD8750M is one of the best you can buy, and you’ll see it on laptops that usually run up bills of just over $1000. 6GB of ram matches the system specs excellently. You’ll also get a 750GB hard drive with plenty of room for games and media. This laptop will run everything you want it too. You may not run bigger games such as Battlefield 4 or Crysis on full settings, but you’ll get full screen resolution and it’ll look as good as the output from the Xbox One or PS4! All of this delightful gaming goodness? $625. Bargain of the century!

Mid-range budget gaming: Acer Aspire V3acer-aspire-15-300x219

The Acer Aspire V3 is very similar to the HP Envy mentioned earlier. Whilst that is one of the best cheap laptops for gaming – the Aspire V3 does all that it does a tiny little better, and is built with slightly better quality products. At $829, the Acer Aspire V3 is around $200 more than the HP, but your money isn’t being wasted. For that money, you get an Intel i5 processor, which is the best and most reliable processor available today. You also get an Nvidia 750M graphics card which offers a little more ‘Umph’ than the HP’s does. Overall the Aspire V3 is a more refined version of the ultra-budget option. If you have a little extra cash to play with, this is the laptop you want.

High-end budget gaming: Lenovo Ideapad Y510p06Lenovo_IdeaPad_Y500_95412VU_35536131

If you’re lucky enough to have $1000 to spend on a laptop, and not a penny more, the Lenovo Ideapad Y510p does everything you could possibly want from any laptop on the market. With some Alienware products costing $2500, it’s bizzare how Lenovo can offer this laptop for such a small price. It comes with an Intel i7 processor, the flagship of Intel’s processor line. The thing that sets the Lenovo apart from the rest is it’s dual graphics card setup. 2, (yes, two!) Nvidia 750Ms grace this beast and give it the power it needs to handle most games you’ll want to play on it. It’s $180 more than the Acer Aspire, and for that money you get twice the machine. It may be just out of reach for some people which is perfectly fine as the previous laptops mentioned are both excellent in their own right; but with the Ideapad you get high-end performance and one the best budget gaming laptops available for less than $500. Check sites such as Laptop Ninja for even more great laptop options.

Cheap Laptops for Holidays

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year for finding cheap and inexpensive merchandise. When it comes to laptop PCs, it is always good to purchase these items right before and during the holiday shopping season. Laptops such as Acer and Levono provide consumers with some really good models at a price they can afford. Contine reading

Affordable Dell Laptops

Dell-i15RV-1952BLKIf you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheap laptop with brilliant features that fit your needs, then dell laptops are the best option. Dell is one of the few companies that truly caters for all its diverse customers. Top brands – cheap laptops from dell are affordable in most electronic shops, outlet and online stores. They have a wide variety of cheap model laptops, hence require ample time to identify key features on the laptop to buy. Most of the time, selecting a cheap top brand laptop may raise doubt given that the high quality may not match the low price. It is therefore important to note that, dell’s quality does not change. Only the prices change due to the target market. Dell model laptops originality is unmistakable in any market, hence there is no doubt on the quality of a cheap top brand laptop from dell. Nevertheless, dell laptops have different features to which determine their cost. This caters for easy selection among the variety cheap brands from dell that fit your needs Contine reading

Cheap Laptops For Kids

Kids laptopsThe world is rapidly becoming computer dependent. Kids are introduced to computers and electronic gadgets at an early stage. As a result, they are intrigued and interested to learn how to use them more. Unfortunately, the ordinary computers are at times complicated for the kids. Therefore, with the rise of a computer generation, laptop brands and computer manufactures have found a business opportunity. Today, you can find a laptop specifically made for kids. Most laptop companies have seen it fit to tap into the growing market of kid’s customized laptops. Schools, the social media among many other institutions where kids are primarily recognized, have adopted computerized communication for kids hence advocating for kids laptops and computer uses. Contine reading

Back to School Cheap Laptops

Back to school cheap laptops are one of the best ideas that have ever come along. It is almost impossible to go back to school without a laptop these days, whether you are talking about high school or college. Even children in elementary school often use laptops in order to complete assignments. By the time they reach middle school, it is almost a necessity. The laptop is a fantastic tool to facilitate learning but it can be a definite financial hardship for family members that must purchase these laptops, especially for families that have multiple children. It may not be possible for the entire family to use a single laptop because children often need to have access to the laptop to do assignments at the same time. Contine reading